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Great Malvern Priory

Great Malvern Priory. This is the Priory church standing at the top of the town of Great Malvern in the Midlands of England. It’s a beautiful church with an ancient history and a lucky escape from destruction. From 1075 (just after the Norman Conquest of England in 1066) until 1540 the church was a Benedictine monastery. During the English Reformation of the 16th century, King Henry VIII ordered the destruction of the English monasteries, including Malvern Priory. The townspeople of that time petitioned the King to spare their Priory with the promise of keeping the structure as a place of worship for the new Protestant religion of England. The King agreed to their petition and the Priory remains to this day as an Anglican church.
Great Malvern Priory is claimed to have the largest display of 15th century stained glass in England, as well as the largest collection of medieval floor tiles in England. Many of the floor tiles have now been moved to wall displays to prevent damage from the multitude of visitors walking over them. The Priory is also famed for exquisitely carved misericords under each of the hinged seats in the choir stalls. It’s a lovely place.