Monochrome - Gary Cook

White Mill Bridge

White Mill Bridge. My favorite bridge, built in 1175 and still in use today. This beautiful stone bridge spans the River Stour in the county of Dorset, southern England, and is probably the oldest bridge in existence to span this crystal chalk stream river. For its age it’s a big bridge, more than 200 feet long but only 12 feet wide. Modern cars can cross the bridge but in single file. The horse traffic of the past would have had no such barriers. Each of the pointed breakwaters between the arches has a safe space for pedestrians to stand to avoid being trampled by the passing horses. The same applies now for passing cars. The bridge is made from red sandstone, with alternating white sandstone highlighting the arches. It never fails to amaze me how the ancient architects of the past took such pride and care in their constructions. This is an utterly beautiful bridge.

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