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Saint Thomas Becket Church

Saint Thomas Becket Church, Salisbury, England. Salisbury Cathedral is the most famous landmark in the town of Salisbury in the south of England. But not far from the Cathedral is the church of Saint Thomas Becket. The Cathedral gets almost all the tourist traffic while the little church of Saint Thomas Becket remains quietly in the background with relatively few visitors. This is such a shame as the church is beautiful! But then again, it's wonderful to be able to enjoy the tranquility of the place without hordes of tourists tramping past. Thomas Becket Church started life around 1220 as a place of worship for the stone masons, and their families, who were busy building the nearby Salisbury Cathedral. Saint Thomas Becket was rebuilt into a more permanent structure in the mid 1450's and the local affection for the little church was such that the townspeople paid for it themselves. The family crests and emblems of those townspeople are still in the church to this day.

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