Castles, Ruins and Old Buildings - Gary Cook

Paderborn Cathedral Tower

The site of the Cathedral in Paderborn, Germany, dates back to the time of Charlemagne. It is the last of several Cathedrals to be built on this site. History first records a founding church on this site from around AD 777, which was eventually built into the first Cathedral. Unfortunately, this was destroyed by fire in around 1000 AD. A second Cathedral was consecrated in 1015, but it too was destroyed by fire in 1058. The third attempt was also ravaged by fire in 1133, but the core of that building survived and the crypt from that time survives in the existing building. The current Cathedral was erected in the 13th century and, thankfully, seems to have been spared the fates of its predecessors. Today, it presents an imposing silhouette on the skyline of the small city of Paderborn.