Castles, Ruins and Old Buildings - Gary Cook

Bamburgh Castle

A closer view of Bamburgh Castle in the far northern reaches of England, close to the Scottish border.
Bamburgh Castle has an immensely long history. The present castle is built on a rocky outcrop which used to be Celtic fort from about 420 AD. Viking raiders destroyed the original fort just before the first millennium and the Normans rebuilt the castle in its present form after their invasion of Britain in 1066. William II besieged the castle in 1095 and its ownership then passed into the reigning English monarchs. The castle has been the site of many battles, including seeing action during the War of the Roses in 1464, apparently becoming the first castle in England to be defeated by artillery. Today, the castle is owned by the Armstrong family and is open to the public. It houses wonderful artifacts, including a very impressive early armory.