Anything else - Gary Cook


Austin-Healey. These beautiful cars echo from a bygone era of motoring. This British car was on show at a photography meet in Dayton, Ohio. From the shape of the grille I believe it is a model 100 Austin-Healey from 1955. The British flag emboldened on the hood isn't real, but it seemed appropriate to add it to a monochrome shot of the car. Adding the flag to the otherwise monochrome image isn't just a case of "cut and paste"! You'll notice how the flag appears to conform exactly to the shape of the car hood... The technique is called "displacement mapping" and involves making a contrast mask of the image and to then use the mask to control how much local distortion is applied to the flag (or any other image you wish to use). It can be a lot of work, but it can work really well. Hope you like it!